Win Back Ex Boyfriend-Three Ways to Win Back Ex

Published: 19th July 2010
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Having a love one gives too much pleasure but just as how you are happy having someone with you is equal to the sadness you feel when you loose that person plus two times pain. Some people say love really brings pain but never be afraid. If you love someone fight for it. Set aside the thought that someday he might hurt you. Forget the worries of loosing your defense when you fall in love. Sometimes when we loose someone special to us we easily come to the thought of not having that person back again or we can't find someone else like him. Forget it! You are totally wrong if you think that way. We can still have them if we know what exactly to do. Many girls who changed their lives after loosing someone they really love weren't able to win back ex boyfriend because they did the wrong thing. Although changing our ways can help that's not the big factor. The big factor here is how to make him miss your moments together and definitely how to make him miss you.

Before winning back an ex you must first consult yourself on what you really feel. If you only want to win him back for the purpose of showing to your friends or somebody else that he'll come back to you because he loves you very much, believe me you don't want to win him back again. Be sure that love is the main reason why you want to win back ex boyfriend. So now, ask yourself why you want him back or what is your motive of getting him back. Be honest to yourself. Don't deny what you really feel. Feel free to reveal or commit to yourself the truth behind everything.

There are ways how to win back ex boyfriend. I'll give you three simple ways.

1. Don't call him or even send an email. Be totally determined to stop yourself from communicating him for at least a week or two or even a month if possible. Give him time to think about your situation. Give him the space to realize everything. If you do this he'll think he's the looser because you don't even contact him. It will make him feel lonely. And definitely, it will drive him back to you. In other words, making him feel lonely without you is the first step to win back ex boyfriend.

2. Show him that you're totally fine without him. Let him see you happy with

somebody else or with your friends. Make him jealous and for sure he'll make

some move to catch you back. In this case you made him feel nothing and loosing

his everything without you. He'll realize how much he needs you and how much

he loves you.

3. In the first week of experiencing that he's totally on with you again and he's been

behind the block, don't be carried away. If he invites you to dinner or on a date don't accept it. Tell him that you're busy and maybe next time if you're free. It will make him desperately in love with you again. He'll definitely make more steps to win you back. Then after sometime, if you really feel his sincerity accept him back in your life. It will make love sweeter than ever.

Don't be afraid to love. Don't be afraid of loosing. Even a dog that looses her puppies and got no chance to have them back again never quit giving birth, how much more a person who looses a lover but has the chance to get him back again. Win back ex boyfriend by following the three simple ways I have given you and experience the love you dream to have.

Win back ex boyfriend is easy if you have determination to do it and if love is the reason. It is always the key to happiness.

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